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 What is an SAE?

A Component of Agricultural Education

An SAE program is a planned practical agricultural activity which supports skill and competency development, career success and application of specific agricultural and academic skills a student has learned through classroom instruction in agricultural education.

A SAE program is the actual, hands-on application of concepts and principles learned in the agricultural education classroom. Students are supervised by agricultural education teachers in cooperation with parents, employers and other adults who assist them in the development and achievement of their educational and career goals.

FFA provides support materials to local teachers who implement effective SAE programs, along with motivational activities and award incentives available through funds raised by the National FFA Foundation.

The three components of Agricultural Education working in combination - Supervised Agricultural Experience, Agricultural Education and FFA- provide FFA members with an advantage in the job market, in attaining scholarships and college enrollments, in starting their own business and in developing a plan for success in life.

Program Areas

Learn about the 'big picture' of agriculture and its many related careers.

Research/Experimentation and Analysis
Conduct research or analyze information to discover new knowledge.

Plan and operate an agriculture-related business.

Work for someone else either for pay or for the experience.


 What is a proficiency?

The Proficiency Awards honor FFA members who, through their SAEs, have developed specialized skills that they can apply toward their future careers.
Students can compete for awards in 46 areas covering everything from Agricultural Communications to Wildlife Management.  Each award area has two categories, placement and entrepreneurship.
Placement proficiency awards are given to those whose SAEs are related to employment, apprenticeships, or internships at an agribusiness or agriculture-related organization.
Entrepreneurship proficiency awards are given to those whose SAEs are related to ownership of an agribusiness or agriculture-related organization.
Proficiency awards are given out at the local, state and national levels


 SAE & Proficiency Resources


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